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About Almoatamer

Al-Moatamer is a Saudi-based digital platform, part of the Qafelah Tourism Group, offering custom Hajj and Umrah packages. Founded in 2021, its mission is to make Umrah accessible to pilgrims worldwide at competitive prices. They also provide tours and tourist activities across Saudi Arabia's stunning regions.

What Al-Moatamer offers is more than just a booking process - it is a commitment that stems from our deep belief that every journey is a priceless experience, and it would be our utmost pleasure to be a part of it.


Our Story

From the early stages of our journey, we realized that the traditional way of organizing Umrah trips is inflexible and cannot adapt to any changes. Therefore, we launched our digital platform that allows us to create customizable Umrah and Umrah Plus packages to accommodate the needs of every traveler.


Our Goal

Al-Moatamer's goal is to support every pilgrim with a personalized journey plan for Umrah, guiding them through every step and ritual, and offering post-Umrah tours across Saudi Arabia. Our vision and confidence in using modern technology ensure an exceptional Umrah experience.


Our Mission

Our mission goes beyond ticket booking; we aim to turn pilgrimage and Umrah journeys into a spiritual experience tailored to each individual in every group.


Our Values

The pilgrim platform will be with you every step of the way during your pilgrimage, catering to all your needs from simple questions to handling any unexpected situations that may arise, ensuring your journey is completely free from any difficulties.